The Clark Family Australia

April 17, 2024, 6:19 pm

Product/Service: Simpson EZI 750
Description: Top loading washing machine


Easy to set and use washing machine but has one major issue that we have
found and have noted in multiple forums/feeds on-line:

this machine leaves accumulated soap/lint patches all over your clothing.

Mostly noticeable on dark clothing items irrespective of fabric type.

We have tried to reduce the amount of clothes in the wash while keeping the
amount of water setting way above the need which in turn removes it being
economical with water/electricity usage. This still gives you clothing with
the accumulated soap/lint on some garments.

We have tried reducing the amount of soap to wash the clothes, down to
ridiculous levels, as well as pre-mixing the laundry liquid/powder in a
bucket of water assuming dilution to possibly being the issue. Still to no

Disabled the ECO Rinse button on the machine - this does give some
improved results but defeats the purpose of having this feature with regards
to water conservation.

Despite the best efforts of keeping a clean lint catching basket and ensuring
clothes that are 'lint contributing' are well prepped before washing, the
results are almost always to give you a few garments that have soap/lint
patches on them requiring you to further rinse these under the tap before you
can hang them to dry.




We have owned several different brands of similar washing machine previously
none of which gave us this result with washing our clothes.

I would not recommend this washing machine and furthermore if this kind of
soap/lint issue is characteristic of the entire Simpson range, I would not
recommend the Simpson brand at all for washing machines.


Do not by the Simpson range of washing machines.

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