The Clark Family Australia

April 17, 2024, 8:06 pm

Product/Service: National Australia Bank
Description: Bank


I had been a customer of the NAB since 1991 as a personal banking
customer and when I started a company in 2001, I chose to open my
business accounts, including an overdraft, with the bank.

After an additional 10 years with the bank as both a business and
personal banking customer, my main issue with the bank was the then
price gouging bank fees of $30 (and continued multiples thereof) should
your account be overdrawn. This remained unresolved.

An issue with the business banking representative not helping me
resulting in 12 months of dragging this bank before the Ombudsman,
resulted in a 20 year customer leaving this bank.


Closed all accounts and severed all ties with this bank.
The applauding conduct was noted by the Ombudsman and I was praised for
procuring my own solution to the issues with the NAB - that is, leaving


The NAB I had enjoyed dealing with in the first 10 or so years of
banking was no longer the same helpful organisation.

Despite their extensive advertising as being there to help small
business, their conduct and quoted elsewhere "unconscionable" behaviour
towards banking customers proves that their advertising is incorrect and
they do not in fact help small business.


For business and personal banking, I do not recommend Australians look
to the Big Four banks and specifically the NAB, with the possible exception
of Westpac.

(c) 2024 David.M.Clark 1961