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April 17, 2024, 6:40 pm

Product/Service: Victa Hurricane 2 stroke mower
Description: Lawn Mower


As this mower was a gift, costing around $430 at the time, I was not one
to say I did not want it as my Briggs & Stratton Lawn King mower of some
20 years use had finally died and I had no mower.

After four years of use mowing an average yard, it finally developed fuel
line issues (suspected) and would no longer start or at least blew a lot
of smoke before stopping again shortly after. Application of the usual help
recommendations failed to get this mower going again.

The two stroke engine never seemed anywhere near as powerful as what I had
been used to and letting the lawn get the little bit longer than usual
resulted in the lawn mowing to be quite a chore and time consuming.

Worst ever feature: Whoever designed the whole spark plug connection
should not have been allowed to have it reach the final product. The spark
plug sat to the side of the engine and was attached by a rubber lead with
a screw that was then forced onto the end of the uncapped spark plug.
There was no sealed cap connection characteristic of most other mowers and
yard equipment.
This design resulted in the spark plug lead being yanked off whenever you
mowed near trees/bushes as the sticks would flip the lead off resulting in
the mower stopping.
The rubber lead perished over time resulting in needing to use wire and
solder to try and maintain a brief good connection until it was eventually
ripped off again during operation by a stick of some sort.


Replaced the mower.


I will never own a 2 stroke mower ever again.


Always buy Briggs & Stratton 4 stroke engine based mowers and if choosing a
Victa (which now use the Briggs & Stratton engine), try and purchase the
USA engine versions assembled here in Australia. Based on shop consultant
and on-line feedback, the Briggs & Stratton based mowers from China are
fraught with problems.

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