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September 30, 2023, 12:48 am

My Christianity

Title: You missed it!!
Author: David.M.Clark
Published: Wed Oct 13 14:13:28 1999

About three years ago day I was driving back to our office and had come to a
stop at some traffic lights in South Brisbane. As I sat at the lights I was
talking on the mobile phone to our office receptionist advising her that I
was on my way back in and would arrive shortly.

While I was on the phone a young girl (around 16-18) started to walk across
the road - and I said to our office receptionist, "Guess what I am looking
at right now? Attitude, that's what I'm looking at. Attitude."

I proceeded to describe the girl who was dressed in some sort of
night-slip dress, multiple earings in her ear, buzzed head and a look on her
face like she would 'kill'.

After the girl walked across the road I hung up the mobile and proceeded to
drive down the road, when God spoke to me.

The shame I felt as he said to me, "You missed it!! I wanted you to pray
for that girl, not talk 'ugly' about her on the phone to someone. She is my

I was so ashamed that I could be so judging of someone I didn't even know
and more so act like the devil instead of Christ. I was amased at how I
could act like this as I do honestly hold everyone's salvation as the most
prised gift to us here on earth.

I recall repenting and praying for the girl's salvation. That her life would
be blessed and that a born again believer would be able to witness to her.
I prayed for her long life and that she be set free and comforted by the only
One who truly can do this for her.

Since that day I don't miss an opportunity to leap into intercession
for the people I pass on the street or in the car next to me.

I never want my Father to have to tell me again how I missed it. God has
called us to make a difference in this land.

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