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February 27, 2024, 10:35 am

My Christianity

Title: Standing in a dry river bed
Author: David.M.Clark
Published: Sat Oct 11 23:05:56 EST 2003

I stood in a dry river bed where once mighty waters had flowed. Now
all that remained were small pools of water in places - struggling to
sustain the small pockets of "life" there.

While I recall seeing similar terrain when I was a child growing up
in the western parts of Queensland, Australia, the scene I saw was not from
my memory.

I saw the patterns in the sand that were evidence of the waters that had
flowed there. I saw that dried stones and rocks baking under the suns

My heart sadenned as I reflected on the healing waters, the warm life-giving
waters that had flowed there. The lives it had changed and replenished.

As I stood there I started to hear the sound of flowing waters. The sound
came from up, over one of the dried river banks.

I climbed the river bank and was awe-struck by what I saw. A huge river
flowed there before me - a river of life-giving, healing waters.

When the land would no longer allow the waters to flow, God simply found
"humble" ground that would allow Him to shape it and let His river of life
flow over it and through it.

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