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September 29, 2022, 3:12 pm

My Christianity

Title: I am your Father
Author: David.M.Clark
Published: Fri Jan 15 16:49:36 EST 1999
Notes: God is real

Some years ago a man in his late twenties was travelling along the roads
that led from the Brisbane Airport. As he drove along listening to
Maranatha Music ministry tapes his mind went back to his early childhood.
To the years when he grew up without a prominent 'father' figure in his
life and to the would-be-father-figures who had failed and disappointed
both he and his mother.

His mind was ever enforcing him to be the husband to his wife that his
mother never had, and the father to his son that he never had.

As he pondered he said to Father God, "Although I have never had a real
father figure in my life, please teach me to be a good husband and father."

At that moment the presence of God filled the car, almost as if embracing
the man inside, and as the tears ran down the man's face, he heard God say
to him, "My son, I have always been your Father and I have always loved you
so much - I will teach you the way to be a good husband and father."

As the man weeped with relief and joy at being in the presence of Father
God, the many years of anger and pain fell away. Later he wondered at this
life changing experience and also at who was driving the car as he had
arrived home safely but had no recollection of the journey.

The man in this story was me and was at a time when I had only been
born-again for about two-three years. It happened when my first was son was
only a baby - at a time when I wanted so much not to fail as I perceived
others in my life had failed.

No matter what we have gone through, Father God is always there for us.

May you know that Father more and more - God Bless, David.M.Clark

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