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February 27, 2024, 10:57 am

My Christianity

Title: Death of a Zulu
Author: David.M.Clark
Published: Jan 8 08:19:32 EST 1999

Some years ago I was sitting in my boss's office having a friendly
discussion and he asked me what I believed in, what church I attended.

When I told him I was a born-again Christian he looked at me and said, "I
know about you guys."

He then went on to elaborate on his comment. He told me that when he
served in the army in South Africa he had watched a Zulu man die after
being shot by some rebels that fired at them.

He said that this man knew nothing of Jesus Christ, had never been to a
church and was steeped in his own tribal beliefs.

As the man lay dying he said something like, "Look, Jesus Christ is coming
to take me home." With this final statement the Zulu died.

I was amazed at how much my boss held Christians with such reverence while
not being necessarily 'religious' himself. This incident had certainly
shown him that there was more to this life than just 'living on earth'.

Hearing this story taught me that I should never judge where I think a
person may have gone once they have died. We never truly know what happens
in those lost moments of life - perhaps Jesus revealed himself to this man
because he had never been witnessed to in his life. Sounds like something
our beautiful saviour would do.

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