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January 29, 2023, 11:23 am

My Christianity

Title: Writings for Christ
Author: David.M.Clark
Published: Sun Jan 27 13:37:07 EST 2002

About Writings For Christ

Before I made Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior in 1986 (or at least when I
came back to the Lord) I had been committed in my own personal life to
writing about "life" and the things I saw in the world around me - people and
events that took place and how they affected my heart. I did this in journals
which I kept in a book and later transferred these writings to computer.

As God has always called me to "write" or "record" what I see, I am more
so inspired to record those things pertaining to Him - testimonies, visions
and gifts that He has showed me and given me.

I will add to these pages as time goes on from both my old journalising and
my new ones.

My prayer is that you will be blessed by these pages. God bless you and
may you always feel the love that He has for you.

(c) 2023 David.M.Clark 1961